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                                           We specialize in older hard to find American dogs from 1970 back to the beginning. Our database is based off AKC stud books.


                                   We have 30,410 dogs on the database, as of  July 16, 2011.

                                                                              Keep in mind as I get older stud books the number do not rise, because I am  filling in the voids.

                                                    If you like you can check with me  when I order AKC studbooks, remember they must be from 1970's and back. I update every week,



                                                             This is English Ch. Fair Weather and a copy of a limited edition print of only 75. She hangs above my fire place mantel.


                                                                                                     If you find any mistakes or would like for me to add information, just send me an email               


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                                                                    Newest Editions are American dogs for the year 1915

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